About Aurora

About My Work

My objective for each painting is to transcend a relaxed feeling to the viewer while at the same time provoking thought. I like to take them deep into each piece and surprise them with unexpected detail.

I am inspired by the many things I love which leads me to paint a variety of subjects. I have a love for animals of all kinds and because I grew up swimming in Hawaii's oceans, I am passionate about sea life, especially green sea turtles (honu), dolphins (Nai'a), and whales (kohola). Life's journey also inspires me and allows me to share my heart's experiences through my paintings.

I continuously strive to challenge myself with my art, experimenting and including new mediums and discovering new ways to express myself. Sometimes I like to be expressive and other times I am absorbed into mastering detail.

I prefer oils because of the diverse effects they create. However for the past few years, I have been using in much of my work, my proprietary blend of mixed vehicles and pigments creating an abstract effect. Embellishing on abstract images I see with my own realistic painting style, the finished work is the result of a unique marriage while creating a one of a kind piece. I call these paintings my Dimensional Mixed Mediums because of the depth the viewer sees when viewing them in person.

Every painting I create is near and dear to my heart because I put much of myself into my work and it becomes a personal expression of my soul. My desire is that each painting I create reflects every bit of passion that I put into the piece right back to the viewer